Umaid Bhavan Palace Museum

Latest Palace built in India

One of the best Palaces of India. Umed Bhawan Palace one of the largest palace of India. Built in 26 acres of which there are 15 Gardens. It is believed that about half a million donkeys were used for loads of earth to built Gardens, about a 100 Wagons for Makrana Marbles, about 2.5 million quintals of ice, a million meters of steel conduits, 15000 running feet of copper and lead wire weighing 200 tons, an electric network of 2500 KW for main building alone and a 300 ton of compressor for air-conditioning plant supplied by carrier at that time when air-conditioners were specifically for priviledge persons. It was built at a cost of Rs. 94,51,565.00 at that time. 

The king has one of the finest cars of that time which are on display just opposite the palace. Now they have made 3 Parts to the Palace. The part on the left side of the Palace is used by King & his family. The middle part is hold for museum for the general visitors to the palace and the biggest right part of the palace is a 5 Star Hotel managed by Taj Group of Companies. You would find all the antiques placed all over the palace and a lot of stories behind them. 

About my Trip :
It was a short trip to Jodhpur while passing from Osiyaji Temple to Ahmedabad. It took just two hours to complete the Museum part of the Palace which is open for general visitors. After reaching to the palace, we purchased entry tickets. I was stunned to find such a beautiful palace right in front of me. As i discussed, it is spread in 26 acres of land. There was all round greenary surrounding the palace. This Palace is situated on uphill from Jodhpur. We visited by our vehicle hence parked our vehicle in the parking area just opposite the entry point of the Palace. There are several entry points to the palace which are seperated for General Visitors of Museum, Hotel Visitors and the Royal Family itself which stays in the Palace. 

On entering the palace, i hired a guide dressed in traditional dress of Rajasthan with big mostache. He guided me throughtout the Museum. It was all about History of the King & Palace, Antiques used by the King, Moments captured on camera with big personalities around the world, Bodies of the animals hunted during their period for pleasure and Painting made by renowed Painters. There were many unique antiques, that would make u surprise for the time they were brought into the Palace. After getting through the palace, we took some snaps for our memories. Our Guide guided us to move to a place just near the entry point where King's antique Cars are on the Display. One of the finest cars of that time were bought by the King and were on display in the Garage with glass to protect the antique cars. Took snaps with cars and palace.

We left the palace after 2 hours to get back to Ahmedabad. 

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