Maa Sachchiyay Temple (Osiyaji Mata) & Lord Mahavira Jain Temple

Blessing of Maa Sachchiyay (Osiyaji Mata)


Lord Mahavira Jain Temple, Osiyaji

Around 70 Kilometres from Jodhpur. A small town of Osiyaji has its Oldest Maa Sachchiyay Temple and also one of the oldest Lord Mahavir Jain Temple. It is one of the finest examples of heritage architecture built several years ago. There are around 200 Steps to climb to reach the temple. Maa Sachchiyay is also known as Maa Osiyaji. She is kuldevi of many castes residing all over india. Temple is worth viewing as there is lot of carving work done on this stone temple. Right from the base of the temple, you would found several gates carved in stone. There are several temples apart from the main khand. Maa Sachchiyay was devotee of Shri Mahavir Swami thus she built Jain Temple also and she is also considered effigy of Maa Chamunda. There are several stories prevailing regarding this temple as to how Maa Chamunda became known as Maa Sachchiyay. Suhag Chabdi is offered to the Devi. 

There are several Dharmshala's to stay in Osiyaji. After worshiping Osiyaji, it is believed that one should also visit Bade Bheru Mandir & Chote Bheru Mandir located in Osiyaji. Bade Bheru Mandir is located just few kilometers away behind a school & Chote Bheru Mandir is located in the Jain Temple of Osiyaji.

Built in the middle of the town and closely located to Maa Sachchiyay Temple is one of the oldest temple of Lord Mahavira. This Jain Temple has it's own Dharmshala which is best for stay in Osiyaji. They have their own Bhojnalay where delicious Jain Food is served at nominal cost. Chote Bheru Mandir is located in the premises of this Jain Temple. It is also a Heritage Temple spread over several acres.

About our Journey :

We started our journey at around 4:00 pm from Ahmedabad and reached Osiyaji at 11.45 pm. Road from Ahmedabad to Osiyaji was good enough to maintain around 80 km per hour. It was too late but we found Dharmshala, just on the entrance of Osiyaji. They had all kinds of rooms AC and Non AC. Early in the morning we went to Temple, purchased suhag chabdi, jaggery and ghee to offer at the temple. After taking blessing of Lordess we went to temple of Bade Bheru Mandir which was few kilometres away from the Maa Sachchiyay Temple. After taking blessing of Bade Bheru Temple, we went to Lord Mahavira Jain Temple which was in the midst of the town. It is beautiful and magnificiant temple, took blessing there and also took blessing of Chote Bheru idol which was inside the Jain Temple. It was nice visiting this temple. Our journey ended there. Note if you are heading towards Bikaner from Osiyaji, the roads to bikaner are not upto the mark. We headed back to Ahmedabad via Jodhpur.