Dubai & Abu Dhabi

City of Skyscrapers & Adventures

Best Time to Visit Dubai & Abu Dhabi is September to Febuary

Dubai is and was always a favourite destinations to travel. It has been converted into city of Skyscrapers with advanced infrastructure & destination for many adventurous activities. It is heard that from 90's, it has been completely converted from desert to recognized cities of the world with several artificial islands and beaches created. Dubai is a part of United Arab Emirates (UAE). United Arab Emirates is divided into seven emirates. Dubai is one of the most populated emirates of UAE. Dirham is the currency of UAE. Hindi, English and Arabic is the common language spoken in UAE. Islam is the religion followed in Dubai but they give importance to other religions also. Indians, Pakistanis & Bangaladeshi's cover substantial expatriate population. Local People are mostly speaking Arabic. Suprisingly Indians are more than Local Emirati. It is heard that if any expatriate has to start his Business, Local Emirati has to be compulsory be made partner in the firm. Moreover no expatriate is given permanent citizenship of UAE, howsoever long he/she has been living into the country. It is a disciplined city where people follow rules strictly and severe penalties are there for the offenders. It is one of the biggest Financial Hub of the World. Trading to several countries is only possible through UAE. All of UAE is rulled as Kingdom. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum is the Ruler of UAE.
Abu Dhabi is biggest part of UAE. It is one of the seven emirates of UAE. It is also city of never seen before Skyscrapers with best infrastructure. Abu Dhabi is rich in minerals and oil. Abu Dhabi has one of the finest hotels of the world. Almost same rules persist in Abu Dhabi as Dubai has. Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah are famous for their Desert Duning with special Desert Forest Reserves created in their respective areas. Driving is Left hand Drive in entire UAE. It has one of the finest Formula One Race Circuits in the world. Moreover Ferarri, an Automobile gaint has created his first theme park in Abu Dhabi with Fastest Roller Coaster in the World.

About My Trip :
This time this tour was a organized packaged tour. This was also a family tour with senior citizens so we didn't take any chance other than hiring a tour operator for the tour. Everthing from the hotel to the places to visit with pickup and drop were fixed with its durations. I rather prefer a self organized tour but this time i don't want to take any chance. Moreover i had never experienced a organized Packaged Tour. Our Tour Operator was from our HomeTown. Except Airline tickets we planned everthing with tour operator.
We planned our trip in the last week of March after all the exams of the students get over but i recommed best period to travel to Dubai & Abu Dhabi is September to Febuary. It really gets hot after mid-March and before September. It was a complete 7 Day Trip to Dubai but you would find several things left even after that. The package was planned a mixture of busy & free days. Our Stay was at Hotel Grand Excelsior, Bur Dubai. It was located in the midst of the city & near shopping area. It is a 4* Hotel.
On 1st Day, we reached Dubai early in the morning at 6.00 am and were picked up by the taxi pre-hired by our tour operator, we reached hotel and relaxed. It was just like free day as we have our schedule for Marina Dhow Cruise at Dubai Marina Bay in the evening. We enjoyed facilities of Hotel with the family and roamed around the hotel to discover nearby places of interest and food junctions. We were picked up from hotel in the evening at 7.00 pm and went straight away to Marina Dhow Cruise Berth at Marina Bay. There are two different places where cruiseliners work. One at Marina Bay and another in the Creek. We opted for Marina Dhow Cruise as it was suggested by many that it is better than Creek Dhow Cruise. We enjoyed a lot viewing several skyscrapers with massive lighting allaround the Bay. It was delightful to view different building with different shapes. Wonderful Engineering was the proper word for this place. We had our dinner on the Cruise with special Tanoura Dance Show. The dance was very special and we enjoyed a lot. The Cruise just covered all the main points of the Bay and returned to the Berth from where it originated. We were dropped at our Hotel. It was relaxing time.

On 2nd Day, we have to get ready for Half Day City Tour at 8.00 am. We reached into the corridor of our Hotel at time and were picked up for the Tour. We were taken to Jumeriah Beach where we were given a hour to roam, swim and click snaps with the beach and the long standing costliest Al Arab Hotel which is also an example of marvelous buildings in Dubai directly visible from Beach. The Beach was very clean and maintained.

Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world and the new Dubai Frame the excellent marvel of architecture and engineering was viewable from all over the Dubai. At the Top of Burj Khalifa was with our itinerary in the evening. Further from the Beach we moved to The Palm Jumeriah Island.

We were heading towards the famous Palm Atlantis Hotel. There was a stopover in front of Palm Atlantis, were we took several snaps with the hotel and the finest Beach-Front in front of Palm Atlantis. Palm Jumeriah is basically an artificial island created in palm shape with several hotels, residence of some elite people and some adventurous water parks and amusement parks. Further from the Beach-Front, people are seen doing water-sports. Several Cruiser Yacht is seen from the Beach-Front. Then we were taken to Residence of the Ruller, The Palace of the King which was viewable from outside. We took snaps of the Palace and moved further. The Palace was covered with beautiful gardens and fountains.
Finally we were taken to Gold Souk and Spice Souk located in Diera Area of Dubai after crossing the creek. Gold Souk was full of shops with Eye Catching Gold Jewellery. Plenty of Gold with the world's heaviest finger ring is seen in Gold Souk. Just adjoining to it was Spice Souk, where lot of spices were availabe to be seen. Then we went to hotel for taking Lunch and Rest for an hour or two.
We have to be ready for Burj Khalifa Trip in the evening by 4.00 pm same day. We were picked up for Burj Khalifa from the hotel in the evening. It was located in the midst of the city. 

Burj Khalifa covers several attractions at the same place. There is a Dubai Mall, Dubai Fountain Show, Burj Khalifa Lightning Show, Dubai Aquarium, Underwater Zoo and several activities all at one place. We first of all took tickets for climbing at the Top of Burj Khalifa from the vouchers provided by our tour operator and obtained time schedule tag. This Time Schedule Tag is the time at which we would get to climb the high speed elevators to get at the Top of the Burj Khalifa. We had sufficient time to cover Dubai Mall and we went to Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo which was also located in Dubai Mall where we viewed several extinct Fishes and animal species under a tunnel which was beneath a water resorviour with several sharks and other fishes. Then we came out of the Dubai Mall to see Burj Khalifa Lightning Show which was one of the world's best and then we viewed Dubai Fountain Show which is happening in the lake. After the Fountain Show we went to the entry point of high speed elevators to climb at the top of the Burj Khalifa. On the way to elevators it was shown that how this marvelous Burj Khalifa came into existence. Elevators were so fast that within few minutes we reached at 124th Floor of Burj Khalifa. Further from 124th Floor we went to 126th Floor with stairs. There was feeling of reaching at the Top of the World. Everything from the Top was like looking Dubai from the Sky. Full of Dubai was sparkling with lights and view of marvelous architecture and infrastructure was enchanting. We took sufficient time at the top and came back at time as our taxi was waiting down. Now it was time for back to hotel and take rest with busy schedule day.
On 3rd Day, it was time to visit another emirates of UAE, Abu Dhabi. We were ready to be picked up for further journey at 8.00 am in the morning. We started our journey at 8.15 am for Abu Dhabi which was 1.5 hour from Dubai. As soon as we reached Abu Dhabi, we went to the Grand Mosque.
Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is the largest mosque in the country. It is an ultimate example of Architecture and excellent interior and carvings. It is also famous to hold world record for largest single piece Carpet in the world. Pillars have been coated with golden finish. It was mind boggling interior. It is compulsory to cover full body for ladies and girls. There is facility for taking Burqa at the entrance. It is essential for all women to wear full dresses as it is Islamic Tradition while visiting mosque. Though non-muslim persons cann't enter the main area of worship but it was overall  a good place to visit in Abu Dhabi. 
After the mosque we went for rides in Ferrari World made by Automobile Company of World's Fastest Cars 'Ferrari'. This is only amusement park of Ferrari in the world. It is adjoining the Formula One Race Track where once in the year car races are held. It is a wonderful place to visit in Abu Dhabi. You would be surprised to know that we took ride of World's Fastest Ride 'Formula Rossa'. It has a speed of 240 Km/h. We also took ride of Flying Aces, which has the tallest loop of 52 Mtr. This ride was amazing with speed of 120 Km/h. I personally found this ride more exciting and dangerous than the fastest ride of the World. This both roller coasters were the best in all over the resort. Though there were many rides to enjoy. You would also found many Ferrari's standing to take photo snaps. You would also get a theatre experience of the history of Ferrari. It was a wonderful day with full of rides and beautiful places. We returned to Dubai in the evening. 

On 4rth Day, we had a relaxing day though there was one attraction to be visited that is the miracle garden. It is one of the finest Gardens in the Dubai and most photogenic place in Dubai. It was surprising that even if Dubai is covered with Desert from all sides and there is no source of fresh water, the garden has Plenty of Plants with different kind of Flowers all over. It is totally a unique experience to view the plants in different kind of shapes like Micky Donald or Owl or Aeroplane etc.... All the plants were covered with different kind of flowers with different colours. There is lake, fountain, sitting places, houses all covered with different kind of flowers. This garden is maintained and open all round the year. It is a must visit place in Dubai. It is adjoining to Global Village, a place for unique kind of shopping from all different countries but we didn't visited the place because of time restraint. 
Rather we went back to hotel and took lunch and went to Gold Souk and Spice Souk for Shopping. I recommed to purchase Iranian Saffron from Spice Souk which is damn cheap compared to India. A lot of Bargaining can be done, which also depends on quantity required. At last we crossed the Creek just opposite Gold Souk by Boats available there, which took us to Mina Bazar in Bur Dubai nearby to our hotel. It was the cheapest option and less time consuming to reach Bur Dubai from Gold Souk. We enjoyed the boat ride on the Creek.
Our 5th Day was reserved for Aqua Venture and Lost Chamber which is located in Palm Jumeriah Island and adjoining to Palm Atlantis. It is actually a property of Palm Atlantis Hotel but entry to them is possible seperately also. Basically the entrance of Lost Chamber and Aqua Venture starts from other part of Palm Atlantis Hotel. With the entrance there are lots of Shops for Shopping and then we reached Lost Chamber. Lost Chamber is another Aquarium on our tour. Different types of fishes and other mammals of sea were seen all over in the Lost Chamber. There was Dolpin Scuba Dive and Shark Safari which we didn't attempted. It's ambience was worth looking. Lost Chamber didn't took too much of time. After that we reached to the entrance of Aqua Venture where we hired Lockers to put our belongings. Aqua Venture is one of the best Water Parks of Asia. One of the major attraction was its 'The Tower of Poseidon' which comes almost vertically from the tower about 12 Storey building straight into pond beneath.  Here you find world largest waterslide Aquaconda. Aquaconda is family ride. We enjoyed almost all rides. The Tower of Poseidon was the toughest ride we did. Though there was one toughest ride known as Slitheren which we were unable to attempt due to time constraint. We enjoyed the River which had escalators on several junctions where we were lifted to the top and with the pumped water were thrown on other side with the tube in which we were sitting. River was suitable for all age groups. One other attraction was Splasher Kid's Play Area which was specifically for small kids with entrance to few guardians. That was all for the day.

Our 6th Day was special, as in the morning it was Dubai Dolphanarium & Seal Show and in the evening it was Desert Safari. We left our hotel at 10.00 am for Dubai Dolphanarium & Seal Show.
There was a bird show also. It was a fantastic experience to view Dolphin & Seals doing several tricks in the show. We even participated in the lucky draw & also won the same. It was throwing balls into the pond and three dolphin brings three balls of them who are declared winners. I had seen Dolphin show even before i came to Dubai but this was special. It is must visit in Dubai. We were dropped to hotel after the show. We took lunch and rest to get ready for Desert Sand Dunning.
We left the Hotel at 3.00 pm for Desert Safari. This was far away, so it took around 1 Hour to reach the Desert with ample sand mountains. We reached a place where we were shifted to another car (SUV) whose tyre air pressure were very low. We have to reach the base camp of Desert Safari. Before that the driver took the Car into the sand. It was just like the experience of Roller Coaster, the driver took the car up on the sand mountain and just flown the car down with the speed from the sand mountain. This sand dunning was my first experience. After several round of Sand Dunning, we reached to Base Camp of Desert Safari.

First thing after reaching to the entry point of Base Camp was Camel Riding. It was free for all. There were ATV rides and other rides also available but all of them were chargeable. Base Camp was entirely made up of Bamboo and Wood. Covered from all the sides with Food Counters and Sitting arrangements for VIP Bookings were made in the covered part of the Base Camp. Then in the corridor in the middle, there was sitting arrangements on the Beds with Pillows and small table and at the centre of all sitting arrangement there was stage. Food in the Base Camp was free other than hard drinks. There was arrangement of taking snaps in the local Emirati Dresses which were freely available with a person helping in dressing. There was a person with Eagle. Those people who want there pictures with the Eagle on their hand and head can take snaps with it. It was also chargeable. Then we took Food and Soft Drink which was free. After taking food there was Belli Dance, Tanoura Show which we also enjoyed in the Marina Dhow Cruise on 1st Day and then finally there was a Fire Show. We loved all the shows. It was fantastic evening that ended our packaged tour apart from dropping us at the airport on the last Day Tommorow. We were dropped at Hotel and took rest from the busy schedule.
Finally the 7th and the last Day of our trip to UAE. It was a free Day and we totally utilized the Day with full day spent on shopping for the loved ones waiting for us in our home country. We were picked up in the evening for Airport Transfer.

Do & Don't at Dubai & Abu Dhabi :
  • Avoid Travelling in Fly Dubai Airlines as it is overcrowded. Moreover if you have checked-in luggage then ensure that some part of it would be broken. They handle very carelessly. Also on the airport specially for Fly Dubai, even if you reach 3 hours prior to the flight you would not be able to get a single minute of rest. All the 3 hours standing in the line for Boarding Pass and then straight away rushing directly to the flight as the time has lapsed.
  • Avoid getting too close even for snaps in the Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabhi. Also if possible get full covered clothes where no part of the body should be visible other than face and palm.
    • Dress Code for Ladies:
      • Full Sleeve Dress. Persons with visible injuries (persons wearing casts,bandages, braces etc.) are not permitted. Scarf, what we call in Hindi 'Dupatta' is must and the Dupatta must be long enough to cover the face and whole hair of lady, not like handkerchief. No Transparent, skin tight, deep neck, shorts, leggings, T-Shirt will work. No Dress with Human Face, Animal or Bird Face will allow. They may use a trouser and shirt but full sleeve only and not transparent, deep necked and not too much skin tight.
    • Dress Code for Gents:
      • No Shorts, Capris or Similar Dresses allowed. May use half sleeve dress. No Transparent and too much skin tight clothes allowed. No Dress with Human Face, Animal or Bird Face will be allowed.
  • Carry Swimming costumes for any Water Park visited in Dubai or Abu Dhabhi. They charge very much. Also carry Sun-Screen Lotions for avoiding direct sun contact with skin. Also carry Cap or Hat.
  • There are strict laws in Dubai & Abu Dhabhi, so avoid any instances of law breaking. Follow rules and regulations as per instructions.


Top on the list of Every Traveller in INDIA

Best Time to Visit Goa is Round the Year

Goa has been always most favourable tourist spot for Indians & also Foreigners. It has wonderful beaches, historical places, cliffs & mountains all over. Apart from it, though some places are crowded, natural beauty of it is still maintained. Basilica of Bom Jesus is the famous church all over the world. Many foreign tourists visit Goa round the year. There are lot of beaches which are quiet & beautiful as well. Arabian Sea stretches along the coastline of Goa. It is also known for its Portuguese colonies in history. Se Cathedral is one of the biggest Church of Goa which is also now converted into Meuseum. Goa has still maintained its greenary and natural beauty. There is ultimate fun & adventure all over Goa. Every Beach at Goa has its own characteristics and is somehow different from the other. East Goa has some magnificiant waterfalls and forest area. Goa is accessible with air, rail, road and water transport facilities. It has one of the major ports of India. Goa is famous for it's cashew production. It is also favourable to some because of easy & cheap avability of Liquor. Almost all major hotel chains have their properties in Goa. Population of Goa is around 20 Lakhs & is spread around 3702 Sq. Kms., making it one othe smallest state in India. It is famous for its hospitality to all kinds of Tourists. Lot of Beaches in Goa are specifically occupied by Foreign Tourist.

About my Trip:
I visited Goa at the end of October. It was just before Diwali vacations, so it was not crowded with public. Moreover I was lucky to have my trip just before Demonetisation happened in India. I had already booked my flights & hotels just before arriving in Goa. My Hotel was around 40 Kms. away from airpor. It took approximately around 1 Hour to reach at our Hotel in North Goa. Our Hotel was situated at Candolim Area on the beach side. We stayed at Santana Beach Resort. This resort is one of the best place to stay in Candolim. Resort is spread in several acres. Back side of the resort is opening on the beach between Sinquerium Beach & Candolim Beach. It was complete value for Money. Resort had Swimming Pool, Children Play Area, Bars & Gardens to Relax, Hospitality was also good. Location is close to Beach & Candolim Market. For Water Sports Sinquerium Beach was the nearest which is also one of the finest beaches of Goa. Spoting Dolphins is common while doing Water Sports Activities. This resort has several places to relax with several relaxing chairs, swings & several places with photogenic fountains. We stayed in the resort & enjoyed the facilities on the 1st Day & 2nd Day of Arrival. We also visited Markets & Restaurants around the resort. There were several Restaurants specially for Sea Food. There were too many Bars, Coaching Institutes for Scuba Diving & Disco Theques around the resort. We found Earthern Oven situated in the midst of Fort Aguada Road for Delicious Vegetarian Indian Food with Traditional Dance performed at Night.

It was on 3rd Day, we planned for City Tour of South Goa. We hired a Taxi. At 9.00 AM taxi came to pick us to the city tour. First of all they took us to Coco Beach for Dolphin View. It was most dirtiest beach. This beach is used as a deck for boats to Dolphin View. We viewed Dolphins after travelling in Boat for around 10 Minutes far from Coco Beach. There were lot of Dolphins, which we viewed while sailing on the boat. Then we were taken to view The Cabo Palace which we viewed from the same boat which took us for Dolpin View. It is a palace of some Diamond Merchant. Cascading Stairs in the Palace makes it a viewable palace. It can also be seen from Dona Paula Beach. Finally we also saw Fort Aguada from the boat & went back to Coco Beach.

Then we went to Se Catheral. It is church & now transfered into Meuseum. It is considered to be one of the largest church in Asia. Beautiful Artitecture makes it must visit place. Just Opposite Se Catheral is Basilica of Bom Jesus, where mortals of St. Xaviers Francis are stored since hundreds of years. Mortals are stored in Coffin, without any kind of preservatives used to save them from Decay. Though the size of body is shrinking but it is miracle that without any preservative, the body is still existing. There is statue of Baby Jesus, which can be easily viewed when we go close to it. There are lot of antiques in the church. After visiting both the churches, we went to see old Goa Streets & their Monuments.

 Then we visited Dona Paula Beach, which reminded us of the movie 'Ek Dhuje ke Liye' & several other movies which had their shooting on this place. Dona Paula has a love Story on its existence. There is also a view point upstairs from which natural beauty of Goa can be viewed. Cabo Palace can be seen from this point. We also visited Mahalasa Temple. It is a nice temple. Finally we went to Miramar Beach, which is also popular beach of Goa. It was somewhat crowded. It was a fantastic Day. Once again on 4rth Day, we stayed at resort & enjoyed the beach nearby. This day was spared for enjoying the property and taking snaps around. We went to Sinquerium Beach. The beach was clean and quiet from crowd. There are several activities over the beach like water sports like Jetskying and Para Sailing. It is best beach for Swimming on the shore.

We planned our 5th Day to visit Fort Aguada, the major attraction which we left. We took Scooter & Bikes on rent & went to view the Fort. Nice Fort for taking nice pics and selfies. Didn't found any guide facilities for knowing the history of the Fort. Nice View of Ocean behind the Fort. Only for Historical Viewers. Then we went to to Baga Beach which is always crowded with local Tourists. We also visited Candolim Beach and Calangute Beach. All were on the same stretch. We visited Mapusa for purchasing cashews from the wholesale market but were disappointed to find same rates as were in Calangute and Candolim Market. Finally the Day was over. Rest we left for our next trip. There is still lot of places to visited in Goa. Finally went to relax for next morning to airport and back to home.

Do & Don't at Goa :
Carry Umbrella, Slippers and Extra Shorts. Don't go too long in Sea. Always listen to Life Guards on the beach. Read Instructions written on the board at all beaches for your safety.

Umaid Bhavan Palace Museum

Latest Palace built in India

One of the best Palaces of India. Umed Bhawan Palace one of the largest palace of India. Built in 26 acres of which there are 15 Gardens. It is believed that about half a million donkeys were used for loads of earth to built Gardens, about a 100 Wagons for Makrana Marbles, about 2.5 million quintals of ice, a million meters of steel conduits, 15000 running feet of copper and lead wire weighing 200 tons, an electric network of 2500 KW for main building alone and a 300 ton of compressor for air-conditioning plant supplied by carrier at that time when air-conditioners were specifically for priviledge persons. It was built at a cost of Rs. 94,51,565.00 at that time. 

The king has one of the finest cars of that time which are on display just opposite the palace. Now they have made 3 Parts to the Palace. The part on the left side of the Palace is used by King & his family. The middle part is hold for museum for the general visitors to the palace and the biggest right part of the palace is a 5 Star Hotel managed by Taj Group of Companies. You would find all the antiques placed all over the palace and a lot of stories behind them. 

About my Trip :
It was a short trip to Jodhpur while passing from Osiyaji Temple to Ahmedabad. It took just two hours to complete the Museum part of the Palace which is open for general visitors. After reaching to the palace, we purchased entry tickets. I was stunned to find such a beautiful palace right in front of me. As i discussed, it is spread in 26 acres of land. There was all round greenary surrounding the palace. This Palace is situated on uphill from Jodhpur. We visited by our vehicle hence parked our vehicle in the parking area just opposite the entry point of the Palace. There are several entry points to the palace which are seperated for General Visitors of Museum, Hotel Visitors and the Royal Family itself which stays in the Palace. 

On entering the palace, i hired a guide dressed in traditional dress of Rajasthan with big mostache. He guided me throughtout the Museum. It was all about History of the King & Palace, Antiques used by the King, Moments captured on camera with big personalities around the world, Bodies of the animals hunted during their period for pleasure and Painting made by renowed Painters. There were many unique antiques, that would make u surprise for the time they were brought into the Palace. After getting through the palace, we took some snaps for our memories. Our Guide guided us to move to a place just near the entry point where King's antique Cars are on the Display. One of the finest cars of that time were bought by the King and were on display in the Garage with glass to protect the antique cars. Took snaps with cars and palace.

We left the palace after 2 hours to get back to Ahmedabad. 

Maa Sachchiyay Temple (Osiyaji Mata) & Lord Mahavira Jain Temple

Blessing of Maa Sachchiyay (Osiyaji Mata)


Lord Mahavira Jain Temple, Osiyaji

Around 70 Kilometres from Jodhpur. A small town of Osiyaji has its Oldest Maa Sachchiyay Temple and also one of the oldest Lord Mahavir Jain Temple. It is one of the finest examples of heritage architecture built several years ago. There are around 200 Steps to climb to reach the temple. Maa Sachchiyay is also known as Maa Osiyaji. She is kuldevi of many castes residing all over india. Temple is worth viewing as there is lot of carving work done on this stone temple. Right from the base of the temple, you would found several gates carved in stone. There are several temples apart from the main khand. Maa Sachchiyay was devotee of Shri Mahavir Swami thus she built Jain Temple also and she is also considered effigy of Maa Chamunda. There are several stories prevailing regarding this temple as to how Maa Chamunda became known as Maa Sachchiyay. Suhag Chabdi is offered to the Devi. 

There are several Dharmshala's to stay in Osiyaji. After worshiping Osiyaji, it is believed that one should also visit Bade Bheru Mandir & Chote Bheru Mandir located in Osiyaji. Bade Bheru Mandir is located just few kilometers away behind a school & Chote Bheru Mandir is located in the Jain Temple of Osiyaji.

Built in the middle of the town and closely located to Maa Sachchiyay Temple is one of the oldest temple of Lord Mahavira. This Jain Temple has it's own Dharmshala which is best for stay in Osiyaji. They have their own Bhojnalay where delicious Jain Food is served at nominal cost. Chote Bheru Mandir is located in the premises of this Jain Temple. It is also a Heritage Temple spread over several acres.

About our Journey :

We started our journey at around 4:00 pm from Ahmedabad and reached Osiyaji at 11.45 pm. Road from Ahmedabad to Osiyaji was good enough to maintain around 80 km per hour. It was too late but we found Dharmshala, just on the entrance of Osiyaji. They had all kinds of rooms AC and Non AC. Early in the morning we went to Temple, purchased suhag chabdi, jaggery and ghee to offer at the temple. After taking blessing of Lordess we went to temple of Bade Bheru Mandir which was few kilometres away from the Maa Sachchiyay Temple. After taking blessing of Bade Bheru Temple, we went to Lord Mahavira Jain Temple which was in the midst of the town. It is beautiful and magnificiant temple, took blessing there and also took blessing of Chote Bheru idol which was inside the Jain Temple. It was nice visiting this temple. Our journey ended there. Note if you are heading towards Bikaner from Osiyaji, the roads to bikaner are not upto the mark. We headed back to Ahmedabad via Jodhpur.

Trambakeshwar Shiva Temple and Saputara

Shiva's Blessings and Picnic at Saputara

Best Time to visit Trimbak is Round the year & for Saputara Hill Station strictly during Rainy Season or Winter Season

Trambakeshwar Shiva Temple is located in Trimbak City about 28 Kilometres from Nasik (Maharashtra) & 108 Kilometres from Saputara Hill Station on the bank of Godavari River. It is one of the twelve Jyotirlings which each hindu should visit during his life. This Jyotirling is special as there is Lord Brahma & Lord Vishnu surrounding Lord Shiva in the Jyotirling itself. It is ancient stone temple covered all around with mountains from all it's sides. Significance of this place is that it is surrounded by mountains of different cuts like rectangle, pointed as pyramid etc. Even the Godavari River is considered to be originating from nearby mountains at Trimbak. It is one of the major rivers of India. Plenty of Dharmshala's & Hotels are there according to your preference.

Saputara is located in Dang District of Gujarat and is about 160 Kilometres from Surat. It is only Hill Station of Gujarat. There is a lake in Saputara & a place called Table Top above a mountain, reachable with vehicle. There are several activities carried out at Saputara like Para Gliding, Boating in the lake, Ropeway from Sunset Point, Camel Riding, Horse Riding & Bike Riding at Table Top Mountain. It is advisable to visit this hill station during Rainy Season else in Winter Season. In Summers it is sometimes pleasant & hot. This hills are covered all around with forest. Route to Saputara from Gujarat is also viewable with scenic beauties. There is also waterfall which can be viewed in Rainy Season. There are many hotels for stay like Lords and Lake View with close proximity to lake.

About the Journey :
We started our journey to Trimbak from Surat about 240 Kms at 2.30 PM. Entire streatch to the place is lush green & covered all with mountains after few kilometres from Surat. Recommended route to Trimbak for good roads is via Saputara Hill Station from Gujarat. On the route there were several farms of Grapes, Orange etc. We purchased this fruits for our journey. The route from Surat to Trimbak via Navsari-Chikhi-Dharampur-Trimbak is not advisable, as it was under construction & the road was not upto the mark. It took much time to reach Dharampur. Locals advised that Road directly to Trimbak is not good, hence we opted to move to Nasik & from there we continued our journey to Trimbak. It is good to take route from Surat via Waghai-Saputara-Bypass to Nasik-Trimbak, which we took in return journey. We reached Trimbak at 9.00 PM. We moved directly to the temple but were disappointed with the crowd & time left for the temple to be visited. Hence we opted to visit temple early in the morning & moved to take our dinner & take rest. Market of Trimbak were open till 10.00 PM. We hired a Priest for the next day pooja in temple.

Next Day early in the morning at 6.45 am sharp, we went to priest's residence to take him along with us. We came to know that without Dhoti (Kind of Indian Male dress), you are not allowed to touch the jyotirling, Moreover Ladies are not allowed to enter the main khand (Main area where jyotirling is placed). We were made to wear Dhoti at priest residence itself & moved along with him to the temple. We offered all the pooja's (worship) as precribed by priest. Childrens and Ladies have to do worship from the outer corrider from where the jyotirling is visible. After performing the pooja, we went to have some breakfast which was available near the temple. Then we went to Hotel cum Dharmshala to pick up our luggage and move to our next destination Saputara.

Route to Saputara was beautiful with extraordinary scenic beauty. It passed from Forest Area. As we reached to Saputara, directly we went for boating in the lake. We took pedal boats for 30 minutes. We found activities like Ropeway, Rolling Balls over the lake with persons inside it & Paragliding activities seen from the boat. After boating we went to take lunch at Sugar & Spice Restaurant in Hotel Lake View which was near the lake. There was also Hotel Lords which was much nearer to lake. Food was tasty and we took it according to our choices. After taking lunch we went to Table Top Mountain with our vehicle, where we found activities like Horse Riding, Camel Riding, Motor Bike riding in the sand etc. Table Top Mountain was on the top of the hill, hence it was nice atmosphere then the atmosphere found near the lake. There were places from which you could click photos from the top. There was also Sunset Point & other Points which we were unable to cover due to time constraint, though we enjoyed a lot. Finally we left for Surat as to reach by evening.

Mt. Abu

Crown of Arawali's

Best time to visit Mt. Abu is October to June
Mt. Abu located in the midst of Arawali Mountain Range and is one and only hill station in the state of Rajasthan. It is about 225 Kms. from Ahmedabad. Easy Proximity makes it a major hill station for Rajasthan, Gujarat and all india. Mt. Abu has historical importance as well. Mt. Abu is surrounded by lush green mountains & waterfalls. Best time to visit Mt. Abu is October to June though it is an all time hill station. During monsoon season, it looks beautiful with so many waterfalls & plenty of jamun trees. (purplish edible berry). Mt. Abu's name is derived from the name of Arbuda devi (also called Adhar Devi). There is temple of Arbuda devi with 350 steps in Mt. Abu.  It is believed according to Hindu Legend that Nakki Lake in Mt. Abu is a sacred lake and was dug by god with just one nail. Nakki Lake is one of the major attraction of Mt. Abu. Dilwara Jain Temple is one of the finest temples in india which is also located in Mt. Abu. Exterior appearance of the temple is as if it is a old abandoned temple but when we enter into the temple, it has one of the finest carving in marble in india. Major attractions of Mt. Abu are Nakki Lake, Dilwara Jain Temple, Adhar Devi Temple, Sunset Point, Toad Rock, Guru Shikhar & Mt. Abu Wildlife Sanctuary. Apart from this there is a garden cum tutorial near Dilwara Jain Temple of Brahmakumaris which is also nice.

About the Journey:
We have visited Mt. Abu several times earlier. It was a family road trip, We went directly from Ahmedabad to Mt. Abu via Mehsana-Palanpur-Abu Road. After Abu Road hilly terrains starts upto Mt. Abu. We have hired a bungalow in Mt. Abu prior reaching there. This trip was planned in August hence it was raining now and then. Though the atmosphere was fantastic. Clouds have entered our rooms as soon as we entered our room. We took rest & in the evening we went to Nakki Lake for boating. All the types of boats are availabe. Padle boats are more demanding. We hired the same. We went too far boating & enjoyed the migrated birds all over & beautiful green mountains surrounding the lake. Fog started accumlating over the lake. Unfortanely our boat also stuck in stone coming out of the lake as we went on the bank of the river for taking snaps. We asked for help by shouting but as there was too much fog, we couldn't found anybody near us. We tried to get out of the trap by pushing the boat & paddling. At last by god's grace we escaped from the trap & in few minutes fog was also reduced, now we can view travellers boating in the lake. At last a sigh of relief. We started our boat towards the base as it was rented for stipulated time period. It was a memorable & adventurous trip. On the bank of lake we found Water Walking balls. We enjoyed this by entering into it and rolling over the lake. It was exciting. We went back to our bungalow, eat food cooked by us and took rest.

Next day, early in the morning we found a tree of jamun just in front of our bungalow, we tried with all our efforts to gather as many jamuns with sticks in our hand We enjoyed eating all those jamuns got with our efforts. They were delicious. After getting ready, we went to Adhar Devi Temple also called Arbuda Temple. We got blessing from them. There were too many steps, so it is advisable for those who can climb 350 steps & come back. Further we went to Garden of Brahmakumari's (Om Shanti) where they have there tutorial. Garden is beautiful. Then we went to Dilwara Jain temple, an ultimate piece of heritage artitecture. As stated earlier, its exterior was not attracting because in older times to save monuments from exterior invaders, exterior elevation was made to look like abondaned temple with nothing inside, but after entering into it, you would found an excellence of carving in marble. There are lot of monuments surrounding the main temple inside the temple premises and all of them are fully carved in marble. Then further we moved to Mt. Abu Wildlife Sanctuary which can also be called as crocodile park. You would found several crocodile on the bank of lake in this Sanctuary lying idlely. Don't go near them and take special care of childrens. It was a wonderful experience visiting this sanctuary. Finally we went back to our stay. In the evening, we went to Nakki Lake and enjoyed delicious ice-creams and food all over surrounding the lake. Took Dinner at decades old Arbuda Restaurant. This was all for the day.

Next day we went to Toad Rock which was next to Nakki Lake. It is completely for persons who can climb many stairs & even at some times, stairs are hard to climb. Found a temple enroute to Toad Rock. It was nice temple. After reaching to Toad Rock, a complete view of Nakki Lake is visible. It is beautiful. Toad Rock is just a rock in the shape of Toad. We took snaps and returned. Took Breakfast and moved towards Guru Shikhar. It is highest mountain in the arawali range. There is a temple at Guru Shikhar which can be reached after climbing stairs. Not advisable for senior citizens. Major Portion of Arawali Mountains is viewable from the top. It is cold up above hence carry some woollens. Nice location for good snaps. Then in the evening, we went to Sunset Point, which is walkable distance from Nakki Lake. Once again many stairs have to be climbed, under exceptional cases vehicles are allowed to be taken to the top. Horse riding is available for carrying to the top. Enjoy magnificient sunset. Tour completed. Next Day early morning back to Ahmedabad.