Mt. Abu

Crown of Arawali's

Best time to visit Mt. Abu is October to June
Mt. Abu located in the midst of Arawali Mountain Range and is one and only hill station in the state of Rajasthan. It is about 225 Kms. from Ahmedabad. Easy Proximity makes it a major hill station for Rajasthan, Gujarat and all india. Mt. Abu has historical importance as well. Mt. Abu is surrounded by lush green mountains & waterfalls. Best time to visit Mt. Abu is October to June though it is an all time hill station. During monsoon season, it looks beautiful with so many waterfalls & plenty of jamun trees. (purplish edible berry). Mt. Abu's name is derived from the name of Arbuda devi (also called Adhar Devi). There is temple of Arbuda devi with 350 steps in Mt. Abu.  It is believed according to Hindu Legend that Nakki Lake in Mt. Abu is a sacred lake and was dug by god with just one nail. Nakki Lake is one of the major attraction of Mt. Abu. Dilwara Jain Temple is one of the finest temples in india which is also located in Mt. Abu. Exterior appearance of the temple is as if it is a old abandoned temple but when we enter into the temple, it has one of the finest carving in marble in india. Major attractions of Mt. Abu are Nakki Lake, Dilwara Jain Temple, Adhar Devi Temple, Sunset Point, Toad Rock, Guru Shikhar & Mt. Abu Wildlife Sanctuary. Apart from this there is a garden cum tutorial near Dilwara Jain Temple of Brahmakumaris which is also nice.

About the Journey:
We have visited Mt. Abu several times earlier. It was a family road trip, We went directly from Ahmedabad to Mt. Abu via Mehsana-Palanpur-Abu Road. After Abu Road hilly terrains starts upto Mt. Abu. We have hired a bungalow in Mt. Abu prior reaching there. This trip was planned in August hence it was raining now and then. Though the atmosphere was fantastic. Clouds have entered our rooms as soon as we entered our room. We took rest & in the evening we went to Nakki Lake for boating. All the types of boats are availabe. Padle boats are more demanding. We hired the same. We went too far boating & enjoyed the migrated birds all over & beautiful green mountains surrounding the lake. Fog started accumlating over the lake. Unfortanely our boat also stuck in stone coming out of the lake as we went on the bank of the river for taking snaps. We asked for help by shouting but as there was too much fog, we couldn't found anybody near us. We tried to get out of the trap by pushing the boat & paddling. At last by god's grace we escaped from the trap & in few minutes fog was also reduced, now we can view travellers boating in the lake. At last a sigh of relief. We started our boat towards the base as it was rented for stipulated time period. It was a memorable & adventurous trip. On the bank of lake we found Water Walking balls. We enjoyed this by entering into it and rolling over the lake. It was exciting. We went back to our bungalow, eat food cooked by us and took rest.

Next day, early in the morning we found a tree of jamun just in front of our bungalow, we tried with all our efforts to gather as many jamuns with sticks in our hand We enjoyed eating all those jamuns got with our efforts. They were delicious. After getting ready, we went to Adhar Devi Temple also called Arbuda Temple. We got blessing from them. There were too many steps, so it is advisable for those who can climb 350 steps & come back. Further we went to Garden of Brahmakumari's (Om Shanti) where they have there tutorial. Garden is beautiful. Then we went to Dilwara Jain temple, an ultimate piece of heritage artitecture. As stated earlier, its exterior was not attracting because in older times to save monuments from exterior invaders, exterior elevation was made to look like abondaned temple with nothing inside, but after entering into it, you would found an excellence of carving in marble. There are lot of monuments surrounding the main temple inside the temple premises and all of them are fully carved in marble. Then further we moved to Mt. Abu Wildlife Sanctuary which can also be called as crocodile park. You would found several crocodile on the bank of lake in this Sanctuary lying idlely. Don't go near them and take special care of childrens. It was a wonderful experience visiting this sanctuary. Finally we went back to our stay. In the evening, we went to Nakki Lake and enjoyed delicious ice-creams and food all over surrounding the lake. Took Dinner at decades old Arbuda Restaurant. This was all for the day.

Next day we went to Toad Rock which was next to Nakki Lake. It is completely for persons who can climb many stairs & even at some times, stairs are hard to climb. Found a temple enroute to Toad Rock. It was nice temple. After reaching to Toad Rock, a complete view of Nakki Lake is visible. It is beautiful. Toad Rock is just a rock in the shape of Toad. We took snaps and returned. Took Breakfast and moved towards Guru Shikhar. It is highest mountain in the arawali range. There is a temple at Guru Shikhar which can be reached after climbing stairs. Not advisable for senior citizens. Major Portion of Arawali Mountains is viewable from the top. It is cold up above hence carry some woollens. Nice location for good snaps. Then in the evening, we went to Sunset Point, which is walkable distance from Nakki Lake. Once again many stairs have to be climbed, under exceptional cases vehicles are allowed to be taken to the top. Horse riding is available for carrying to the top. Enjoy magnificient sunset. Tour completed. Next Day early morning back to Ahmedabad.

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